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Reduce your costs with LEXEN

What is your savings potential with a lower voltage?


About Us


LEXEN SA is an expert in energy savings on electricity. Over the last 20 years, the company has installed more that 600 tension stabilizers in Switzerland.

Our motto: the cheapest energy is the one you are not even using!

Installing a tension stabilizer in your building will bring you two combined savings:

  • Reducing your electricity bill by 10% on average

  • Doubling the lifespan of all your electric equipment (lamps, devices, engines, pumps, etc.)

This unique combination of direct and indirect savings allows you to significantly lower the operational expenses of your building, while lowering its carbon footprint.





At LEXEN, we are committed to help protecting the environment and  reducing the global warming and the CO2 emissions. We feel lucky to live and work in wonderful Switzerland, among moutains, lakes and pristine nature. This is the place we want to preserve for the next generations.

You may contribute as well by choosing the LEXEN tension stabilization solution, just as the Canton du Valais did a few years ago to save electricity, taxpayer money and CO2. 


A new energy regulation has been introduced for all state owned or subsidized large buildings: their electricity consumption must be measured to assess the savings potential ot the LEXEN technology. Several dozens ofstate buildings have already been equipped.

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